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My Visit to The National Stud of Vendée

This is the second stud that I visited on my summer travels this year in France. It is situated in the centre of La Roche Sur Yon, roughly an hour away from La Rochelle.

Built in 1665 by Napoleon to breed horses for the military, Le Haras de la Vendée is now used for cultural and tourist purposes.

We explored the grounds when we were there and there is a lot to see. We were able to see the stables and grounds and see the ‘ exposition de voitures et hippomobiles’ which are the old cars and carts. You can see them displayed with information about when and why each one was used. My hubby liked this part!

The grounds were pretty and you would never think you were in the middle of the city. There were pony rides available all day for children (some in costumes) . Guided tours are available 3 times a day, which I would have liked to go on. You can also go on a pony & cart ride. There were also many educational talks and tours available on specific days including an old photo exhibition, how to tack up a horse , working sessions with commentary, question and answer sessions and a saddlery workshop. How very educational!

In the summer there is a ‘Grande Spectacle’ each day at 17.00. With a multitude of scenes in costumes, to music telling the stories of horses through out the times. The horses pirouette and jump and the reviews I have read say it’s brilliant. There is also Cachou the circus horse, which is a funny show aimed for kids.

If you get a chance to visit one of the National studs in France I would recommend it. There are 22 National studs around France, which make up along with the National riding school the Institut Français du Cheval et de L’ Equitation. It’s certainly something I will try to continue to do as I luckily stumbled across the studs in Tarbes & & Vendée and enjoyed both visits. Both I have visited have been very informative and interesting but good fun too. I would say the stud in Vendée is not as grand as the stud in Tarbes, but both have a lot to offer. Both centres are used for tourism but also for research in the continuation of breeding and for shows, competitions and education. Both were really child friendly too. Entry was €5 for the whole day which included everything I mentioned above including entry to the spectacle. It’s really good value!

Do you know of any horsey places or events I should visit in France? If you have stumbled across any gems whilst on holiday etc let me know as I am always looking for new horsey places to visit. Please let me know in the comments if you do.

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Go Team Hobby!

***Incase you missed it! This was my first post on the blog. I recently sent it to Emily King & she responded saying it was a lovely article!! I was so chuffed! ***

So a new modern era has begun in eventing in the form of crowdfunding. This is a modern way of funding your rides whilst making the sport more accessible to the greater public. However it has been met with more than its fair share of criticism in the equestrian world.

Emily King (daughter of Mary – every Brit’s fav event rider because she is just so lovely) launched a campaign on her Instagram account asking if any of her followers would be interested in contributing via crowdfunding to secure her ride on ‘Langford Take the Biscuit’ AKA Hobby. The campaign was successful and she secured the ride via crowdfunding within a matter of days. It was reported that there are 556 people in the ‘Your Horse & Country Magazine HobNob Syndicate’. Emily has also stated that because of the way she raised the money to buy Hobby she will donate all of their future winnings to charities including World Horse Welfare of which she is a patron. Sounds cool right?

I thought so I contributed a whole £20 to become a member of the syndicate. Since then I have had a letter welcoming me to the syndicate, a copy of Hobby’s competition schedule, dates of organised course walks and yard visits (which by the way for the critics are run on a first come first served registration basis with numerous dates so the opportunities will be open to many syndicate members but not all 556 people at once) and regular updates on how Hobby gets on in his competitions. I have been impressed with the organisation and really enjoy hearing how Emily and Hobby get on.

Emily King was not the first eventer to raise money to keep their horses via crowdfunding. In 2017 Irish Eventer Jonty Evans raised £500,000 to secure his ride on Cooley Rookes Draft or Art to his friends. However it seems it is only Emily that has received criticism and man there is A LOT of it online. This is not a dig at Jonty who seems like a very likeable chap. But the only differences I can see in between the two campaigns is that Jonty was at a higher level of competition at the time as he crowdfunded to secure his ride on the horse he had ridden at the Rio Olympics. Emily is competing at BE novice level on Hobby at the moment. The other difference there seems is that Cooley Rookes Draft had an offer made on him to be purchased and Jonty campaigned asking for donations to match that amount. Emily needed to raise £40,000 which was a way lower figure and also the figure she needed to buy Hobby, however non supportive members of the horsey community seemed to have a problem with this amount stating it seemed a lot for a horse competing at that level – but hey this is the sort of thing you need to have an opinion on when you decide if you want to contribute right? Although perhaps not all over the internet in a negative trolling manner.

Perhaps people are not familiar with crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a form of alternative finance asking a large number of people to contribute to a project or venture online. Crowdfunding is a modern massively growing market that is becoming more and more popular. In 2015 $34 billion was raised through crowdfunding – that is a lot of money! It has been used for a wide range of reasons including artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel and community projects. Websites for crowdfunding you may have heard of include Kickstarter, Just Giving and Go Fund Me. The principal is that there is a project instigator that proposes an idea to be funded, individuals that support the idea, and a platform that normally is a website that brings the groups together to launch the idea. What you get from contributing depends entirely on each particular project. There are reward based projects, projects that provide you with equity/shares of a project or donation based crowdfunding just to name a few examples. Emily King offered the chance to be part of a large syndicate called ‘Team HobNob’ as a reward to contributing to her cause, I would like to add that she never said the contribuer would own any tiny piece of Hobby.

Syndicates are no way a new thing in the horse industry with it being common practice in the racing world. With there being more and more larger (and cheaper) syndicates that your everyday Joe or Josephine can join without owning any percentage of a horse. Which I personally feel as a self proclaimed average Josephine is a good thing for the equestrian industry. As the equine industry has been historically elitist with only the super rich being able to be involved in high level competition. Surely expanding our sport to the greater public is a good thing? So my thoughts are, perhaps a syndicate like this is not something to invest in to make money. It is an interest you can follow whilst having the feeling of being part of something you ordinarily could not be.

Hobby and Emily won the BE Novice at Cholmondely Castle, came 2nd at Homme House, 3rd at Bold Heath, 2nd at West Wilts & finished the season doing their first CCI in 6th place to name a few of their results. So look out for them next season and give them a cheer of encouragement!

As part of the HobNob syndicate I am updated on which events Hobby will entering and how he gets on. I am invited to visit the yard and to walk a course with Emily and other fellow syndicate members which I hope to do soon and will of course write about it on here to show you all!

Follow Emily on instagram @emilykingofficial or on Facebook

Photos used were taken from Emily’s Facebook page.

Fun Ideas

10 Facts About The Queen and Her Horses

After seeing that the Queen is still riding at the age of 92, I thought I would write about her and her horses this week and once I started researching I found out all sorts of interesting things that I feel like I should share with everyone!

1) Queen Elizabeth II has been riding since she was 4 years old, when her father King George VI gave her a Shetland pony named Peggy.

2) Actually if you think about it the Royals are quite a horsey bunch. The Queen Mother was an avid National Hunt Racing fan, Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Phillips both became top event riders and the Princes William and Harry both play polo.

3) All the horses that you see in the royal parades are kept at the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, “one of the finest working stables in existence.” The Queen names each horse that lives there.

4) The Royal Mews is where they keep all the carriages, coaches and cars used by the Queen. It is also where the palace staff and their families live. However you will only find only 2 types of horse there, Windsor Greys and Cleveland Bays, the Windsor Greys draw the carriages for the Queen and the royal family and are called Windsor Greys because in Victorian times they were kept at Windsor. The Cleveland Bays are used to pick up high commissioners and ambassadors visiting the Queen.

Picture- Horse and Hound

5) The Queen is famous for always riding without a helmet. Not something I would ever recommend by the way. Apparently the staff at Windsor Castle joke that “the only thing that comes between the Queen and her heir is her Hermes scarf”.

6) The Queen owns many racehorses, having initially inherited the breeding and racing stock from her father King George VI.

Picture credit: ITV

7) As of 2013, horses owned by the Queen have won over 1600 races. She has had winners in all of the British Classics except the Epsom Derby.

8) USA Today reported that the Queen has actually made $9.3 million from her race winnings.

9) Monty Roberts AKA The Horse Whisperer has trained the Queens horses since 1989. He has been honoured by the Queen and is a honorary member of the Royal Victorian Order. They have shared a close friendship since he began training her horses. She even named a Corgi after him.

10) The Queen breeds Throughbreds, fell ponies, Shetland ponies and Highland ponies.

Do you know any other facts about the Queen and her horses I haven’t mentioned? Get in touch if you do!

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My Horsey Adventure So Far…

The subject for Blogtober today is What was your first horse experience? Well, I am from a non horsey family and started riding when I was 5 years old. When I started riding once a week at a local riding school. From the beginning I think it’s fair to say I was obsessed! As a child horses were everything to me and I really did everything else in order to just to be able to go riding after!

Since then horses have always been a part of my life. I have worked at yards, I have owned my own horses, shared horses and ridden for other people. I started doing my BHS exams and got up to my stage 2 certificate as I always intended on being a riding instructor, but then life just ended up taking me another way. I also attended the British Racing School in Newmarket for a whole week, before leaving my horse racing apprenticeship because I just didn’t like it and wanted to come back to spend time with James (my now husband) and my horse Stanley. It’s just funny how things work out sometimes.

There have been times in my that I haven’t ridden at all for various reasons, so I will take you on my horsey adventure full of highs and lows and in particular introduce you to the most important horses in my life….


The first pony that stole my heart was Monty. Monty was the first pony I got to know and he was a very naughty riding school pony. He was very cheeky and I remember getting frustrated that I rode Monty week after week until I became fond of him! I have fond memories riding him in my weekly lessons.


At age 12 I got my first pony Cassie, who I bought from my riding school with money that my Gramps had given me in a post office account. Cassie it’s fair to say was very bad tempered and often tried to kick & bite me or anyone else that was near her. That being said we had a pretty successful showjumping career at local shows, went to pony camps and even entered a couple of one day events. I always said we would stand a good chance of winning if Cassie was in the right mood! We actually entered one showjumping class (a weekly event that we had won the previous week) and she did not jump a single jump. We had to leave the ring eliminated at the first fence! Oh chestnut mares eh?!


My second horse was Stanley the horsey love of my life! I bought Stanley when I was 15 years old, he was a thoroughbred that had been trained as a back up horse for a local eventer up to intermediate level. He was 15.1hh but at that time felt enormous and very forward going! He was the sweetest horse you could ever want. He whinnied every day when I arrived at the stables. He was a jumping machine, I would just point him at something and he would jump it. Any height, any width it didn’t matter! Slowing him down enough to aim at the right fence whilst showjumping was a new trick I had to learn. Most photos of me jumping him see my leg swinging backwards as his jump was so big. If he couldn’t feel the stride he would just take off a stride early. He also had a knack for losing shoes! So the farrier was a regular visitor for Stanley!

Unfortunately Stanley died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in 2003. I was absolutely devastated. It was like a nightmare. The worst possible thing had happened completely out of the blue. The loss was immense. I didn’t ride for a year as I just couldn’t bear the thought. At that point I had planned to go and been accepted at Warwickshire College to do a degree in Equine Studies but I didn’t go as I didn’t want to ride anymore if I couldn’t ride Stanley. I actually ended up buying a house with James at that time instead and getting a job at South Glos Council which where I met Sue….


Now after meeting Sue at work she asked if I wanted to ride her horse Bert as she had two horses and wanted a hand exercising Bert, while she trained for BE on her other horse Spud. It had been about 2 years since my beloved Stanley had died and I had only restarted riding again to do my BHS stage 1 and 2 exams. At that point riding wasn’t fun like it used to be, I needed a purpose to get out and do it again and riding strange horses at a strange riding centre alone was not that fun. But Bert changed all that. Bert got my mojo back! And for that I will always thank him. Bert made me realise there are other horses out there like Stanley. I didn’t need to replace Stanley but riding other horses could be fun. Bert was another jumping machine – I’m now realising I have a type! Bert was just like Stanley point him at a jump and he will jump it, no hesitation no questions asked! Sue had signed me up to Berkeley and District Riding Club so we could go to rallies and competitions together. The first jumping lesson on Bert was fantastic! I jumped 3ft 6 on him the first time I rode him. I remembered that this is what I love to do. Bert and I had a lot of fun together doing rallies, camps and competitions. Bert was a handful on the ground though, I remember him dragging me through the yard on many occasions despite handling him in a chifney bit at all times!


I shared Trigger with his owner Kaz next as I had started nursing and had moved to another part of Bristol, where I could no longer reach Bert easily.

Trigger was lovely. I enjoyed riding him around the vast amount of fields they had there with my dog Ziggy following us. Trigger had a gorgeous temperament and we just pottered around the farm being content at that point to being happy hackers and doing a few riding club rallies.

I stopped sharing Trigger and concentrated on my nurse training and the only riding I did for the next few years for private lessons at Summerhouse Equitation Centre.


When I moved to Toulouse in March 2017, I thought that I would love to get back into riding. I am lucky enough to only work part time now and a year after I arrived I was introduced to Mya’s owner Katie by a mutual friend. I have not looked back, I was happy to exercise Mya for Katie as she had explained that she had a serious injury a few years ago but had recovered and she wanted to get her back into proper work. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing Mya is. Katie has trained her well! I’ve only been riding a Mya since May, but she is just fantastic. At the moment we are working on our flat work and hacking and I hope to start jumping her if Katie allows it!

Now I have never competed at any grand level or claim to know the most about anything horsey. However each of these horses feel like part of my family. Since I’ve started writing this blog I am finding myself going back out to horsey world and wondering why I ever left. I have done things in the last few months just so I can write about them that I should have been doing this entire time as I absolutely love it. I look forward to seeing what is next in my horsey adventure. Please continue to follow the blog and let’s see where we end up!

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Female Horse Riders That Inspire Me.

It’s Monday again! But fear not as I am here to motivate you! For Blogtober today it’s our challenge to write something inspiring or motivational to others. So I have chosen to write about the women in the horse world that inspire me. Because Beyoncé said it best – Who run the world? Girls!

Simone Blum



Simone has been recently crowned as Showjumping World Champion at the World Equestrian Games in September. This is a big deal because she is has sprung up the rankings very quickly making her victory a fantastic surprise to most people. Simone was German Ladies Champion in 2016, She only made her Nations Cup debut in 2017 and became German champion that same year and now World champion in 2018! Wow! If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is!

It is also a big deal because she is a woman. In a sport where men and women compete against each other as equals. Simone became the first female ever to win the individual showjumping title at the World Equestrian Games. And what I particularly enjoy is that her horse DSP Alice is a mare too! Yes!! Oh and let’s not forget Simone is only 29 years old. That’s a lot to have achieved before your 30th birthday.

Lucinda Green

Photo credit:

If you follow Eventing Lucinda Green needs little introduction. But just for fun I will remind everyone how awesome she is. A mega inspiration of mine growing up, Lucinda won Badminton Horse Trials a record six times on six different horses. However that is just one of her achievements she has also won Burgley twice, an Olympic silver medal, been world champion twice and European champion five times!! A true queen of the sport.

Charlotte Dujardin

Photo credit:

Dressage superstar Charlotte ‘The girl on the dancing horse’ started her career as a groom for Carl Hester but he quickly spotted her riding talent.

Charlotte was a triple gold medalist in London 2012 Olympic Games on Valegro. She also went on to win another gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games making her the first British woman to retain an Olympic gold medal title.

Charlotte talked publicly about her mental health struggles following her victories in the London Olympic Games, talking about the price she had paid in her personal life for the victories she had won in her professional life, which made me respect her even more. Top athletes make winning look easy. As most of us know it’s not, but I found Charlotte to be very inspiring being so open about the harsh reality of what it takes to be a professional athlete.

So let’s just stop and think that all these women had to start somewhere. To get to where they ended up they worked hard. That is something we can all do. If you set yourself a goal – go for it! Sometimes things feel completely unachievable & out of reach but they may not be!

I bet Lucinda Green fell off many times before she became a winner at Badminton. I read that Simone Blum likes to plait her horse herself when she competes. Charlotte Dujardin bought her first horse with money she inherited from her grandmother. They are just people too, and hey if they can do we can do it too right? Well obviously a bit of money and a lot of dedication would help too!

So, look at the success of these women and let it spur you on (pardon the horsey pun). We have got this girls! And remember -Who run the world? GIRLS!

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My Favourite Equestrian Bloggers and Vloggers of 2018

I am new to equestrian blogging but man am I glad that I have discovered this world! There really is something for everyone. Whether you want tips and information, to follow competitors, or just get to know some other equestrians there are some excellent blogs to follow. Here are my favourites…

The Forelock Journal

This blog is great and it follows the everyday life of Charlotte and Hamish. I love the look of the blog and I feel I can relate to Charlotte as we are both ‘normal’ non equine professionals ( people that don’t work in the horse industry) that aren’t competing at a mega level. It follows their everyday life and Charlotte also has a lifestyle section that features tips, reviews and fashion to name a few.

Check out their blog at

Mud on My Mulberry

This is a great equestrian fashion blog. Written by Andrea who also owns dogs and horses. For me this website is my inspiration of an more stylish life I could be living! Andrea has a look book on her blog which gives you outfit inspiration and tells you where you can buy it. #fashiongoals

You too can be inspired at

The Girl About The Yard

The girl about the yard is on my list because of her excellent instagram stories. Verena talks about horses and anything actually including what is the best toilet paper! It’s witty and a bit of fun and she is in my opinion very likeable!

To see the Instagram stories for yourself follow Verena at @thegirlabouttheyard on instagram.

Diary of a Dun

Georgia AKA Porge blogs/ vlogs about everyday life with her gorgeous dun Barny. Georgia is very likeable and truthful, telling us about the high & lows of her day, which to be honest makes me like her more as not every single day is easy & good particularly when horses are involved! I particularly enjoy Georgia’s Instagram stories. Georgia is starring in this years Omega equine All Star Academy, so be sure to check it out. You can follow Diary of a Dun on Facebook & Instagram.

So, be sure to check out these amazing horsey girls! Also don’t forget that In Due Horse has a Facebook & instagram account too!

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Fun Ideas

My Ideal Winter Horsey Day

My ideal winter horsey day… well this is fun to think about!

Well, for someone that feels cold all the time. I still love riding even in the winter. My mum actually could never understand how I cope being outside all day with the horses because I am so cold all the time! But I honestly do enjoy wrapping up warm & going for a nice hack on a crisp winters day.

So the first thing I would do on my ideal horsey day would be to have a nice cup of coffee & a pancake with chocolate sauce. (Why not eh?!) After that I would head to yard and walk Ziggy my little jack Russell around the fields. He loves coming to the stables with me, however he weirdly likes to come get Mya in with me but when I put on my riding stuff he asks to get into the car where he likes to stay until we go home again. Alone. Even when it’s 35 degrees in the summer in Toulouse!

The next thing I would do would be to go on a nice long hack with a friend. I love hacking early on Sunday morning. I love feeling like I’m the only one awake. The roads are empty and it’s still chilly. We are lucky at our yard, as there are lots of routes we can take that just involve riding through fields, so they are beautiful!

After I have finished riding. I would go home to spend time with my hubby James. I would love to go to the pub for lunch and have lovely roast dinner. Ideally chicken or lamb! I really miss Sunday roast dinners so much! The food in France is obviously amazing but I do miss the traditional roast on a Sunday.

Then I would curl up on the sofa and watch a film and have a glass of wine with James and Zig in front of the fire. So actually my ideal horsey day would involve a lot of food too! Haha! What would be your ideal horsey winters day?

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Product Review : Black Heart Equestrian Flex Riding Leggings

Ok so since I have started blogging I have a favourite new brand of riding clothes. Black Heart Equestrian! I bought some of their riding leggings recently. Firstly because I wanted thinner lighter clothes to ride in and I absolutely loved the look of them on their Instagram account.

When they arrived I was really impressed with the little personal touch they added by including a hand written thank you note.

The fit is perfect I am a UK size 8 and I ordered a small and they fit perfectly. They are very comfortable and thinner than regular jodhpurs which is why I wanted them. On the website they said they wanted the leggings to be able go from the stables to the gym and you really could do that if you wanted. I live in the city and I feel comfortable walking my dog in them and would happily work out in them too.

I also really like the colour. I chose plum but it was actually hard to choose which colour to buy as all of the colours are so nice. The flex riding leggings also come in black, burgundy, grey, royal blue, mauve, teal and olive.

I have recently come back to riding and I have found this brand is modern, fashionable and very practical. One of my favourite things about the leggings is the phone pocket on the side of the leg. You can pop your phone in there before you ride and it is neatly and safely tucked away. It does not fall out when you mount or dismount your horse either!

Another great thing about Black Heart is that they ship internationally. They are based in the U.K. and I live in France and my order was delivered to me in less than a week. They have a handy currency converter on their website too which is great, so I can see how much everything is in euros.

So I if I haven’t convinced you already you really must check out Black Heart Equestrian. The company is new and is run by a student named Erin who models most of their clothes on their website (although you would never know she isn’t a professional model). Erin is also an international dressage rider with a gorgeous stallion that features regularly on their Instagram page. Kudos to Erin bearing in mind she has only just turned 21,this company is so professional!

I really like all of their clothes. They are practical for riding but look really fashionable, I also bought a full zip hoody from them in the clearance sale for just £20, which I absolutely love too. I look forward to buying more from them soon.

To check out their store visit

Please note I am not affiliated to Black Heart Equestrian in anyway, I am just very impressed with the product and the service I received from them. Thanks Black Heart!

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6 Reasons I Love Having a Horse In Autumn

Autumn is actually a great season for riding. It’s not too hot or too cold. I didn’t realise how much I like this season until I wrote this blog for Blogtober last year. So here are my favourite things about autumn…

1) Hacking – I love hacking and it is even better in Autumn because everywhere looks particularly beautiful because of the crunchy orangey brown leaves!

2) Cosy fires – it’s not freezing in autumn but I always looked forward to getting my fire going. It’s so cosy sitting watching TV in front of the fire.

3) Rugby – OK not a horsey one! But my hubby is a rugby fan so I’ve become one too. I really like going to watch the rugby in autumn before it gets too cold. Toulouse is a big rugby city so we really enjoy going to watch Toulouse play.

4) Horses coming in – Even though it meant more mucking out, when I owned my own horses I used to love when they were clipped & came in for winter. Stanley my thoroughbred used to come in on 1st September before the other horses as he was a bit delicate. There’s something about putting down their beds and making their stables all cosy for them!

5) Clipping – I love getting my horses clipped. They always look so smart. I just love the feel of a newly clipped pony!

6) Halloween – as you get to know me you’ll know I love any excuse for a party and Halloween is no exception! I love getting dressed up, the trick or treating, the pumpkins and of course the punch!

What are your favourite things about autumn?

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My Horse Mya’s Must Haves for Autumn.

I must admit I have it very easy. I share Mya with her owner Katie who is the best person to share anything with as she is so nice & so laid back. Mya lives out in a wonderfully big paddock with Katie’s other horse Jazz who is retired. The yard where Mya is kept is fantastic as they feed & top up her water each day. She is bare foot so no losing shoes etc so we definitely have a good thing going on!

Despite living the French dream. My list of autumn essentials that Mya cannot do without are…

1) Bot egg knife. I seem to be using this a lot at the moment! I might be imagining it but there seems to a lot of bot eggs around at the moment & I don’t know about you but I have my bot egg removal technique down now!

2) Fly repellent. You see a theme here! So Mya’s main problem in life are flies. We get horrible mosquitos, hornets, crab flies & horse flies in France to name a few. Bearing in mind Mya is also British she has adapted to the heat & everything else here in France well apart from the flies. In the summer she had to wear a fly mask, hood & rug as she gets so upset when she is bitten by any flies that she goes crazy, it’s like she is possessed by an evil spirit or something dangerously rearing, pulling & running away doing anything she can to get away. So Katie also has industrial strength fly repellent that smells like tar & Mya still always wears a fly mask.

3) A thoroughly good groom. Mya is malting at the moment so every time I ride I give her a good brush before & after I have ridden. This gets out all that pesky malting hair. It still pretty warm here so none of the horses are clipped yet, our winter doesn’t really kick in until November.

4) Carrots. It’s fair to say Mya loves her food! So I make sure I take her carrots, basically because I spoil her rotten & buy her love with carrots!

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Bonne weekend! 🦄