Inspo Interview #3 Heather Wallace The Timid Rider

Welcome to the third ‘In Due Horse Inspo Interview’! I am SO excited to introduce to you this month’s inspiring Equestrian. Heather Wallace or ‘The Timid Rider’ is an American blogger, author and pony owner. Heather is also an animal massage therapist and mother and all round excellent person! Heather is an incredibly inspiring equestrian….

Ponies in Paradise

Here is the article I recently wrote for Equestrian Adventuresses about my trip to Bali and the Gili Islands. Equestrian Adventuresses™ Life is not a beach for the ponies of the Gili Islands. View original post 1,551 more words

My 6 Top Tips For Remembering Your Dressage Test

The Eventing season is just around the corner. Your horse is clipped, fit and ready to go. You have mentally prepared yourself for the season ahead. Half scared half excited. You have carefully selected your events, you have maxed out your time and your money to be able to compete this season so you want…

Inspo Interview #2 Krystal Kelly

For the second edition of our Inspo Interviews about inspirational women in the equestrian industry I had the pleasure of interviewing Krystal Kelly. Krystal Kelly is a California Girl, joining us from her current base in England for a talk about her life as an Equestrian Adventuress traveling around the world on the back of…

Beat the January Blues with Boudica Equestrian!

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit slow blog wise here of late. I have been a busy bee, but fear not I have been busy planning lots of exciting things for In Due Horse. So keep your eyes and ears peeled! I must admit I have the post holiday blues today as I…

Inspo Interview #1 The Sand Arena Ballerina

Welcome to the very first In Due Horse Inspo Interview! In these interviews I plan to interview inspiring women from the Equestrian Industry. For this first interview, I had the privilege to interview Andrea Parker AKA The Sand Arena Ballerina who will be the first person in this series of interviews. Andrea is an Australian…

In Due Horse Inspo Interviews- Coming Soon!

*****COMING SOON ***** New for 2019 are the In Due Horse Inspo Interviews!! Interviews with inspirational people in the equestrian industry. Details to follow. Be sure to check it out!