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Take Your Equestrian Blogging To The Next Level!

I started my blog In Due Horse a year ago. Now I don’t claim to be an expert at blogging by any means, but I have taken a lot of time to learn how to improve my blog and how to get my blog out there.

I learnt quickly by reading other equestrian bloggers advice that I needed to utilise apps and websites that I have never thought of using like Pinterest and apps I had never heard of like Canva and Tailwind. Now this is the best thing I have ever done for my blog! Each month the views on my blog are going up and now I know what I am doing it isn’t very hard at all! So, here are my tips for you to up your blogging game!

Create interesting informative content.

Find your voice and find out what your audience likes. Some things I have written that I think are going to be really popular aren’t. Then much simpler things that I have written that I don’t think will do well gets loads of views. It’s very much trial and error and of course it’s up to you what you write about. Depending on if you want to write truly for yourself, to get more views or even to make money on your blog.


If you aren’t using Pinterest you are missing out. It’s that simple. Pinterest is the only reason I get people visiting my blog! It is so easy to use. You just need to create some boards with content related to your blog. Pick nice images and things you think people would reshape on their own pages and add them to your boards.

For example my top viewed boards are called ‘Equestrian Photography’ where I share beautiful photos of horses and ‘Equestrian Wanderlust’ where I share beautiful pictures of people riding horses in beautiful locations. These 2 boards don’t have anything that directly links to my blog. However I do have my own ‘In Due Horse Equestrian Blog’ board where I create pins for each of my blog posts and I also have an ‘In Due Horse on Instagram’ board where I share nice pictures from my blog’s instagram account.


So as a rule now I create several pins for Pinterest each time I publish a post on my blog using canva. Canva is a graphic design tool app that uses templates for you to create facebook stories, blog images and Pinterest pins to name a few things it can do. It allows you to create designs using images that you can then easily add text to. I use it to create pins to drive traffic to my website and it works very well indeed.

Here are is example below.


Once I started using Pinterest and saw how much traffic I was getting by manually pinning. I took up the Tailwind 30 day free trial. Well, my traffic soared! Tailwind is a scheduler that can pin to Pinterest and instagram. You just need to add your images to your tailwind queue and it pins away for you. It’s really easy and its so much quicker than pinning manually. It’s really upped my Pinterest game for sure! I loved it so much I subscribed to Tailwind straight after my free trial and haven’t looked back. To me it is THE most important tool I use to get traffic to my blog. It knows when it is the best time to schedule my pins and how many pins I should schedule a day. I have seen amazing results with it. I am getting thousands of views each month to my blog now and hundreds of views each day and it saves me so much time not having to manually pin each day.  What I love about it is that I am about to go on holiday for 3 weeks. I have scheduled all my pins for that entire time with Tailwind so I won’t have to worry about my traffic decreasing while I am away.

If you would like to try tailwind just click here to sign up for a 30 day free trial. Grab your free TAILWIND trial here  –>

** Putting it out there. The links in this post are affiliate links. If you click through and choose to sign up to Tailwind I will receive a bit of commission at no extra cost to you. ****

So those are my top tips for taking your blog to the next level. Please do let me know if you use any of these tips. Obviously I cannot guarantee any results, but I wanted to offer some advice from my own experience of the blogging world.

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Horse Girls need to eat too. Asparagus & Smoked Salmon Salad Recipe.

Good evening everyone! Here is a little treat for you. I really want In Due Horse to be all round equestrian lifestyle blog, that includes recipes, fashion and everything horsey we want to talk about. With that in mind I was so happy that Cat Banks, a budding food writer, who I had meet recently in Toulouse said she would write a recipe for the blog. This recipe is perfect after a spring ride or a day at the yard. It’s quick and easy & totally delicious!

Little pointy green spears have been popping up in markets across France over the last few weeks and they are a welcome addition to our weekly veg shop. That’s right, it’s asparagus season and I’m having my annual binge. For about one month these delicious spring vegetables are at their best and there are so many things you can do with them. Transform a quick quiche into a thing of beauty. Throw them into some pasta for a pimped-up carbonara. Dip them into your boiled eggs instead of toast. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, such is their seemingly never-ending versatility. As the weather gets warmer, you can’t beat a good asparagus salad. Teaming asparagus with their seasonal bed fellows- new potatoes – is a fabulous match. This salad can be thrown together in less than 20 minutes, is healthy, filling and delicious and can as easily be a dinner for one as it can be a dinner party starter.


Serves 2 People

You will need…

Small bunch of asparagus (about 4 spears per person)

10 new potatoes

Handful of mint leaves

100 grams smoked salmon

2 eggs

Bag of salad leaves (I love the baby leaf with beetroot for this recipe)

3 tablespoons olive oil

Squeeze of lemon  juice

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

1 shallot

A knob of butter



Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. Add your new potatoes to the pan and cook for around 10 minutes or until you can easily push a fork all the way through.

Gently boil your eggs in the same pan for 6 minutes for firm whites and slightly runny yolks. Perfect for salads! When time’s up,plunge them into cold water.

Place a steaming basket over the top of the pan and steam your asparagus spears for around 4 – 6 minutes depending on the thickness of the stems. You can always cut a small piece off the end to test the firmness. They should turn bright green in colour, hold their shape well and still have some bite. Plunge these into cold water to pause the cooking process.

It’s time to whip up a quick dressing. Finely chop the shallot, whisk together your oil, vinegar and lemon with some salt and pepper. Then add the shallot and set to one side. Make sure you taste-test the dressing, it should have a citrus tang to it. If it’s too bland add some more lemon.

Drain your potatoes once they are cooked and allow them to steam dry for a minute. Pour them back into the pan with a knob of butter, mint and seasoning. Put them over a gentle heat while you melt the butter over the potatoes, turning them over with a wooden spoon until coated. You can also coat your asparagus in minted butter if you like.

To assemble your salad: place your leaves at the bottom of the bowl and dress them with your vinaigrette. Next place your other ingredients on top, I start with the asparagus (which I sometimes cut down the middle to reveal the white centre), then place on the potatoes and the salmon. I finish with the runny-yolked egg to crown the dish. Scatter a generous drizzle of dressing and some extra mint leaves over the finished salad as a garnish.


Thank you Cat! For more gorgeous recipes be sure to check out Cat’s instagram @cats_toulouse_kitchen her recipes and photos are just so beautiful.

Copyright Cat Banks 2019.

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Fun Ideas

My 5 Favourite Disney Horses

OK admittedly less serious than my normal posts. But who doesn’t love Disney films?! I am a massive fan! I loved them when I was a child and I still love them now. So I thought I would compose a list of my favourite Disney horse characters. Take a look to see your favourite makes the list.

Frou Frou from Aristocats

Now, Aristocats is one of my absolute favourite Disney films. It is one of the classics and for me that is part of the appeal. The animation is all scratchy and it is based in France! Anyway Frou Frou is a friend of Duchess and the kittens who get kidnapped by their owner’s horrible butler when he realises their rich owner is leaving all of her money to her cats in her will. Frou Frou actually is the one who helps capture Edgar the butler at the end of the film when she kicks him into a trunk heading to Timbucktu!

Phillipe from Beauty and the Beast.

Phillipe is the horse Belle rides up to the beast’s castle and when she escapes from the beast. He is kind and sweet and he tries to look after Belle. He also warms to the beast when he shows his softer side to Belle. Another one based in France!


Maximus from Tangled

Maximus is more like a big dog than a white stallion but he is very funny! He is arch enemies with Flynn Ryder but he later becomes his best friend to help Rapunzal return to her family.

Bulls Eye from Toy Story 2

Bull Eye is Woody’s horse in Toy Story 2. He is a horse but acts like an excitable puppy as he has been in storage for years. He loves Jessie & Woody & he is part of Woody’s round up gang. He helps Woody and Buzz rescue Jessie by running as fast a plane when they escape from Stinky Pete.

Sitron from Frozen.

Sitron is Hans’ horse and side kick. He holds the boat steady when Hans and Ana first met and is ridden by Hans up to Elsa’s castle. I just love his mane!! 

Do you have a favourite? Is it on the list? Let me know in the comments!

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 **Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links. At no cost to you if you click through and make a purchase I will make a tiny bit of commission. *** 

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Equestrian Events

My Weekend at Badminton

Well, what a weekend! I just absolutely love Badminton! I was lucky enough to be able to fly back from France for a long weekend to catch up with all of the action of the Cross Country and Show jumping.

On the Saturday, I went with my besties Hannah & Jo (they are not horsey but they know how much I am into it). We arrived nice and early and did a spot of shopping. I bought an Ariat Sun Stopper shirt that I had my eye on and was particularly chuffed that I could fit into an XL childs size which saved me £15! We watched the Shetland Grand National, which was just so entertaining. Some of them sped around the course, whilst others poodled along behind or even cut through the middle of the course! Then headed over to the Thatchers stand, where we sampled their new rosé cider which was rather nice!

We then headed out onto the Cross Country course. Incase you missed it you can see an interactive map of the full course here. I had read that the course was big and as difficult as ever. Our first stop was of course the Lake! It was fairly rammed full of people like normal. But we did manage to see Oliver Townend come through. When I was watching the horses and riders come through the lake, there was so many people watching, a few possibly waiting for someone to fall into the water and I thought how scary it must be for those riders! They must have nerves of steel!

We wandered past Badminton House and took our obligatory selfies and managed to see William Fox Pitt come flying past us. We then followed the course, stopping at the Young minds bushes, and the Feed Haywain. Next we went over to Nye Timber Heights, this was a good jump to spectate at as it was raised, so I managed to get a few shots of one of my fav’s Ben Hobday and Wizard over this one. I particularly enjoyed Ben’s whoop of delight as they galloped away.

We stayed here for most of the afternoon, as we queued for a long time to get something to eat. Note to self take a picnic next time. We thought about it but decided to take our drinks instead. But it took a big chunk of our afternoon away. By the time we had walked down to the loo’s at the far end of the course, came back, queued for a LONG time for some expensive, mediocre & quite frankly small portions of noodles and then sitting to eat that.  It worked out well though as we had a drink whilst sitting in the sunshine and then were able to meet fellow blogger and my instagram buddy Becky aka @becksbackinthesaddle at the Mirage Water.

We then headed back to The World of Food & Drink, which was located in its normal spot but not in a tent this year. We tasted all sorts of things including  honey whiskey, vodka, cheese and even some spices and balsamic vinegar!

We had a fabulous day and really soaked up the ambience. I just love seeing all the dogs and the fashion. I think I appreciate everything more now I have moved abroad. It definitely feels very English. You don’t see much tweed in France!  It was a great day out with my friends but was over so quickly. They say time flies when you are having fun! Luckily for me I returned to Badminton the next day. This time with my mum Margaret and Sister Ellen.

Now, we are some what veterans of Badminton, having been many times before. So although still relaxed (a coffee break and a(nother) cider stop were also squeezed in). We knew exactly what we wanted to see and do. After not seeing all the shops on Saturday or many horses for that matter! The Sunday let me get my horsey fix! We started in The World of Food for breakfast and then visited nearly every shop Badminton had to offer. We were mainly looking as none of us actually have our own horses at the moment, which does help your bank balance from taking a massive hit. However I made sure I got some Fudge from The Fudge Kitchen ( if you live in the west they have a shop in Bath & the fudge is to die for) and some really strong cheddar cheese to take back with me to France! I was able to find some Halloumi as well for lunch furthering my quest for food to eat that I can’t find in France.

Then came the show jumping. I absolutely love the nervous excitement of the show jumping arena. We watched the top twenty jump the course, which actually gave a few of the horses a tough time. With only 9 clear rounds in the top twenty the tension was really mounting by the time Christopher Burton came in to ride to keep his third position. After shocking the crowd with the only refusal of the afternoon on Graf Liberty, the tension hung in the air until Piggy French came in and did a beautiful clear round! The crowd went wild and it seemed that everyone in the grandstands felt so pleased to see her pure joy, she kept pointing to her horse Vanir Kamira and just couldn’t seem to believe that she had gone clear! It was quite emotional actually.  Then came in Oliver Townend, the commentator announced he could have one fence down but not two to keep his position. I’m personally not a fan of his but thought it was unlikely he wouldn’t win. However, he knocked one down, everyone gasped but I thought he had still won. Once he had finished there were a few seconds of mumblings and confusion in the grandstand until it was announced that Piggy French had won because Oliver Townend had knocked one down and incurred a few time penalties. The crowd went wild! What a result! So so pleased for Piggy French!


1st. Piggy French & Vanir Kamira

2nd. Oliver Townend & Ballaghmor Class

3rd. Christopher Burton & Cooley Lands

4th. Christopher Burton & Graf Liberty

5th.  Andrew Nicholson & Swallow Springs

6th. Oliver Townend & Cillnabradden Evo

7th. Kristina Cook & Billy the Red

8th. Imogen Murray & Ivar Gooden

9th. William Fox-Pitt & Little Fire

10th. Tim Price & Ringwood Sky Boy.

For more information about Badminton head to their website.

So, what a weekend! I will be definitely coming back next year. I have my sights set on all of the days next year and definitely want to go on one of the course walks.

Did your favourite win? Were you there too? Let me know in the comments below.

Here is a link to my previous blog about my fav riders that competed at Badminton.

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Fun Ideas

5 French Riders You Need To Watch This Season!

I absolutely love living in France. I love speaking French and learning about French culture. I love the lifestyle here and the food and you know what France has some pretty bad ass horses and riders too! Here are the French horse riders that you need to know about this season.

1) Thibault Fournier.

Photo from Thibault Fournier Facebook page. 

Thibault Fournier is an eventer, who won Pau 4* in October with Sinani de Lathus despite it being his first competition at that level. He is only 24 years old and is aiming towards the European Championships in August, 2019.  I saw him at Pau and he seems to absolutely adore his horse. He is definitely someone to watch for the future.

Fun Fact: Thibault is training to be a physiotherapist along side his riding career!

2) Astier Nicholas


Despite only being 30 years old. Astier Nicolas has had a very successful eventing career already. He has competed successfully at all of the major events including Badminton, Burghley, Pau and Bramham, winning Pau in 2015. He is a double Olympic medalist after winning team gold with France and individual silver in Rio de Janerio in 2016.

Fun Fact: Astier has a degree in Equine Management from Hartpury College and lived in the UK for many years. He has now returned to France and is living in Normandy.

3) Thomas Carlisle

Thomas Carlisle is one to watch! He has been progressing very well over the last few years. Thomas’ BE results are impressive and consistent even though he only started to compete at high level competition a few years ago.  Despite this, and his mount Upsilon being the youngest horse in the competition, they won the Event Masters in Bleinham CCI*** in 2016 and they have been doing well since with their last win being Barbury CIC*** in 2018.

Sadly though Tom posted on Facebook last week that their 2019 season has not started well.  Upsilon has contracted a nasty virus which had left him fighting for his life. So we are sending good thoughts and really hoping Upsilon is making a speedy recovery.

Fun Fact – Thomas Carlisle was born and lives in France but has English parents. He went to school in Toulouse and a friend of mine knows him!

4) Penelope Levropost

Photo by

Penelope is a successful French show jumper and has had a very successful career competing in numerous World and European championships, including winning a silver medal in the World Cup in Las Vegas in 2015 and winning olympic gold at Rio de Janerio in 2016 to name a couple of her achievements. She also has her own boutique that sells riding equipment for horse and rider and is a single mother to her daughter Eden.

Fun Fact: Penelope has become a bit of an internet sensation with a following of 142k on instagram!


5) Morgan Barbancon Mestre

Grand Prix Dressage rider Morgan was born in France but actually rode representing Spain until May 2018. Her father is French and her mother is Spanish but she actually lives in Switzerland. Morgan represented Spain at the 2012 Olympic Games, 2014 World Equestrian Games, 2015 World Cup Finals and 2015 European Championships on Painted Black, but has chosen to represent France to continue to compete at the higher levels of competition. That successfully started with Morgan winning the French Grand Prix Championship in 2018.

Fun Fact: Morgan was born in France, lived in Germany, Holland and now is hoping to develop dressage in the french speaking part of Switzerland. Talk about being European!

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Festive Fun With Our Furry Friends.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Christmas! I just love everything about it, the Christmas trees, caroles, presents, family time and of course all of the food and drink! But do you ever have amazing ideas that don’t turn out the way you imagined? Here is my comical guide to Christmas with our furry friends.

The Christmas ride. Now I attempted this once with my horse Stanley. I decorated his bridle & I had my Christmas jumper on. We went for a hack & I thought it would be all fun & festive. How wrong was I ?! Firstly Stanley found the tinsel so scary that he didn’t want to move when it was touching him. I did finally drag him out of his stable to go for a lovely ride but of course I was wrong again. Stanley was already very tense because of the scary tinsel but now everyone we passed in cars & on foot stopped to admire us & every time I waved or said something to anyone Stanley took as a que to try and run home. It was also very cold and my Xmas jumper was really itchy.

One Christmas I lovingly prepared a stocking for my horse Cassie. I got my mum to drill through a swede so we could hang it in her stable so Cassie could spend hours playing with it. I bought Cassie a salt lick to put in her new stable too. Both of which she did not get at all. Like no clue. She sniffed them both then ignored them for the remaining weeks I left them in the stable for her. I bought her some treats as well but she only wanted the mint flavoured ones and wouldn’t eat her dinner if I put other flavours of treat in her bucket.

Olympia. When I lived in the UK I loved going to Olympia before Christmas. It was lovely and festive. But my mum & I used to go and spend all of our Christmas money before we got it & then didn’t tell my dad how much we spent.

Donating to a horse charity. Lots of people I know donate to charity during the festive period instead of sending Christmas cards. So why not donate to a horse charity? Well I have sponsored a horse before and was basically taken hostage by the horse I adopted. Because I am far too soft! I would get newsletters and photos of the horse and hear all about how badly he was treated before he was rescued. Then, every time I tried to stop donating as I needed money for my own food, I ended up renewing my adoption but paying more than I originally had done before. I think at one point I ended up sponsoring 2 ponies, bought dog toys for the local dogs home as well as giving £2 a month to cancer research and running a half marathon for water aid! But in all seriousness donating to charity is a good thing if you can afford to do so.

Go to your local boxing day hunt meet. Its nice to see all the horses and riders dressed up ready for the hunt on boxing day. Its particularly nice to go watch them but then go back home and curl up in the warm when they head off! As when I went once it was basically a lot of very posh drunk people on horseback. I honestly don’t know how a lot of them managed to not die that day. Either by falling off their horses or drunkenly driving their lorries home! I’m really hoping that many of them had someone else driving them home.

The Yard Christmas Party. A very important social event as it maybe the only time of year you see the other owners at your yard dressed like normal people. You might not recognise them without straw in their hair or when they are not wearing jodhpurs. Someone you least expect will probably get blind drunk and cause a scene. But at least you can spend one evening looking and smelling nice and have a few glasses of fizz together. Then the next day you resume to being covered in horse poo and ignoring each other whilst mucking out as you are terribly hung over.

And finally going to the stables with your family, Christmas day is a weird day that everyone has more time (unless you are making christmas dinner for everyone) so I like to go to stables with someone that I don’t usually. So that basically meant that I’d go with my dad or my husband and freeze my socks off mucking out alone, while they sat in the warm car telling me to hurry up every time they saw me struggling to carry something heavy past their warm clean car. After mucking out as I was already dirty, I was always nominated to walk the dog too, and without a doubt he would either run off and be lost temporarily while I stood in the field alone in the rain or rolled in something that smells disgusting. It was never exactly what I had in mind!

So there you have it. Do you have any funny festive stories about your horse? Any festive plans with your horse that were more successful than mine?

Remember to join in our #induehorseparty and send me your Xmas pics to post on my Facebook & instagram story, so we can spread some festive spirit. Just tag me using @induehorse.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone and I hope that your festive plans do go to plan with your horses!

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My Visit to The National Stud of Vendée

This is the second stud that I visited on my summer travels this year in France. It is situated in the centre of La Roche Sur Yon, roughly an hour away from La Rochelle.

Built in 1665 by Napoleon to breed horses for the military, Le Haras de la Vendée is now used for cultural and tourist purposes.

We explored the grounds when we were there and there is a lot to see. We were able to see the stables and grounds and see the ‘ exposition de voitures et hippomobiles’ which are the old cars and carts. You can see them displayed with information about when and why each one was used. My hubby liked this part!

The grounds were pretty and you would never think you were in the middle of the city. There were pony rides available all day for children (some in costumes) . Guided tours are available 3 times a day, which I would have liked to go on. You can also go on a pony & cart ride. There were also many educational talks and tours available on specific days including an old photo exhibition, how to tack up a horse , working sessions with commentary, question and answer sessions and a saddlery workshop. How very educational!

In the summer there is a ‘Grande Spectacle’ each day at 17.00. With a multitude of scenes in costumes, to music telling the stories of horses through out the times. The horses pirouette and jump and the reviews I have read say it’s brilliant. There is also Cachou the circus horse, which is a funny show aimed for kids.

If you get a chance to visit one of the National studs in France I would recommend it. There are 22 National studs around France, which make up along with the National riding school the Institut Français du Cheval et de L’ Equitation. It’s certainly something I will try to continue to do as I luckily stumbled across the studs in Tarbes & & Vendée and enjoyed both visits. Both I have visited have been very informative and interesting but good fun too. I would say the stud in Vendée is not as grand as the stud in Tarbes, but both have a lot to offer. Both centres are used for tourism but also for research in the continuation of breeding and for shows, competitions and education. Both were really child friendly too. Entry was €5 for the whole day which included everything I mentioned above including entry to the spectacle. It’s really good value!

Do you know of any horsey places or events I should visit in France? If you have stumbled across any gems whilst on holiday etc let me know as I am always looking for new horsey places to visit. Please let me know in the comments if you do.

Also don’t forget the In Due Horse Christmas party is going on at the moment on Facebook and Instagram. Send your Christmassy pictures in to feature on the page. Just remember to tag @induehorse & use the hashtag #induehorseparty.

Bonne Weekend everyone! 💕

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6 Reasons I Love Having a Horse In Autumn

Autumn is actually a great season for riding. It’s not too hot or too cold. I didn’t realise how much I like this season until I wrote this blog for Blogtober last year. So here are my favourite things about autumn…

1) Hacking – I love hacking and it is even better in Autumn because everywhere looks particularly beautiful because of the crunchy orangey brown leaves!

2) Cosy fires – it’s not freezing in autumn but I always looked forward to getting my fire going. It’s so cosy sitting watching TV in front of the fire.

3) Rugby – OK not a horsey one! But my hubby is a rugby fan so I’ve become one too. I really like going to watch the rugby in autumn before it gets too cold. Toulouse is a big rugby city so we really enjoy going to watch Toulouse play.

4) Horses coming in – Even though it meant more mucking out, when I owned my own horses I used to love when they were clipped & came in for winter. Stanley my thoroughbred used to come in on 1st September before the other horses as he was a bit delicate. There’s something about putting down their beds and making their stables all cosy for them!

5) Clipping – I love getting my horses clipped. They always look so smart. I just love the feel of a newly clipped pony!

6) Halloween – as you get to know me you’ll know I love any excuse for a party and Halloween is no exception! I love getting dressed up, the trick or treating, the pumpkins and of course the punch!

What are your favourite things about autumn?

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My Horse Mya’s Must Haves for Autumn.

I must admit I have it very easy. I share Mya with her owner Katie who is the best person to share anything with as she is so nice & so laid back. Mya lives out in a wonderfully big paddock with Katie’s other horse Jazz who is retired. The yard where Mya is kept is fantastic as they feed & top up her water each day. She is bare foot so no losing shoes etc so we definitely have a good thing going on!

Despite living the French dream. My list of autumn essentials that Mya cannot do without are…

1) Bot egg knife. I seem to be using this a lot at the moment! I might be imagining it but there seems to a lot of bot eggs around at the moment & I don’t know about you but I have my bot egg removal technique down now!

2) Fly repellent. You see a theme here! So Mya’s main problem in life are flies. We get horrible mosquitos, hornets, crab flies & horse flies in France to name a few. Bearing in mind Mya is also British she has adapted to the heat & everything else here in France well apart from the flies. In the summer she had to wear a fly mask, hood & rug as she gets so upset when she is bitten by any flies that she goes crazy, it’s like she is possessed by an evil spirit or something dangerously rearing, pulling & running away doing anything she can to get away. So Katie also has industrial strength fly repellent that smells like tar & Mya still always wears a fly mask.

3) A thoroughly good groom. Mya is malting at the moment so every time I ride I give her a good brush before & after I have ridden. This gets out all that pesky malting hair. It still pretty warm here so none of the horses are clipped yet, our winter doesn’t really kick in until November.

4) Carrots. It’s fair to say Mya loves her food! So I make sure I take her carrots, basically because I spoil her rotten & buy her love with carrots!

To see more of Mya & me check out our Facebook page induehorse & @induehorse on instagram too.

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Bonne weekend! 🦄


My Horsey Must Haves For Autumn

Ok so it’s October – winter is coming! Here are my autumn must have items, now as I am writing this it is currently 26 degrees here in France, so I’m having to use my imagination a bit!

1) Long socks. I don’t know about you but I’m a cold person! I always feel cold. I love wearing a normal pair of socks then a long pair of socks over the top of them that go right up to my knees. That way I never want to take them off as I am so warm! The jazzier the pattern the better!

2) My new Black Heart hoody. I have recently discovered Black Heart & I just love all of their riding gear. I bought a pair of their riding leggings & a hoody & absolutely love them. The hoody is so comfy & warm. Perfect for autumn riding as it zip fronted so you can undo it if you get too hot when you are riding.

Excuse the bags under my eyes. I got up at 5.30am this morning to drive my hubby to work. 😴

3) Moisturiser. I hate having dry skin but I always get it when the season changes between summer & autumn. I must have face moisturiser, currently I’m using one from Sephora. Hand cream , a favourite of mine is Hand Food from Soap & Glory and lip balm, I particularly like Bert’s Bees.

4) Le Chameau wellies. These wellies are the best! I love them! They are so warm and really comfy. They are pricey but I personally think they are totally worth it. Perfect for around the yard and dog walking.

5) Red wine. I personally don’t like drinking red wine in the summer, I’m more of a rose girl then but when the weather gets cooler it is lovely to enjoy a nice glass of red. Cheers to that eh?!

So I hope everyone enjoys their autumn! Don’t you just love the crunchy leaves & Halloween?! Tomorrow I will blog about Mya’s autumn must haves.

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