My Favourite Equestrian Bloggers and Vloggers of 2018

I am new to equestrian blogging but man am I glad that I have discovered this world! There really is something for everyone. Whether you want tips and information, to follow competitors, or just get to know some other equestrians there are some excellent blogs to follow. Here are my favourites…

The Forelock Journal

This blog is great and it follows the everyday life of Charlotte and Hamish. I love the look of the blog and I feel I can relate to Charlotte as we are both ‘normal’ non equine professionals ( people that don’t work in the horse industry) that aren’t competing at a mega level. It follows their everyday life and Charlotte also has a lifestyle section that features tips, reviews and fashion to name a few.

Check out their blog at

Mud on My Mulberry

This is a great equestrian fashion blog. Written by Andrea who also owns dogs and horses. For me this website is my inspiration of an more stylish life I could be living! Andrea has a look book on her blog which gives you outfit inspiration and tells you where you can buy it. #fashiongoals

You too can be inspired at

The Girl About The Yard

The girl about the yard is on my list because of her excellent instagram stories. Verena talks about horses and anything actually including what is the best toilet paper! It’s witty and a bit of fun and she is in my opinion very likeable!

To see the Instagram stories for yourself follow Verena at @thegirlabouttheyard on instagram.

Diary of a Dun

Georgia AKA Porge blogs/ vlogs about everyday life with her gorgeous dun Barny. Georgia is very likeable and truthful, telling us about the high & lows of her day, which to be honest makes me like her more as not every single day is easy & good particularly when horses are involved! I particularly enjoy Georgia’s Instagram stories. Georgia is starring in this years Omega equine All Star Academy, so be sure to check it out. You can follow Diary of a Dun on Facebook & Instagram.

So, be sure to check out these amazing horsey girls! Also don’t forget that In Due Horse has a Facebook & instagram account too!

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6 Reasons I Love Having a Horse In Autumn

Autumn is actually a great season for riding. It’s not too hot or too cold. I didn’t realise how much I like this season until Blogtober. So here are my favourite things about autumn…

1) Hacking – I love hacking and it is even better in Autumn because everywhere looks particularly beautiful because of the crunchy orangey brown leaves!

2) Cosy fires – it’s not freezing in autumn but I always looked forward to getting my fire going. It’s so cosy sitting watching TV in front of the fire.

3) Rugby – OK not a horsey one! But my hubby is a rugby fan so I’ve become one too. I really like going to watch the rugby in autumn before it gets too cold. Toulouse is a big rugby city so we really enjoy going to watch Toulouse play.

4) Horses coming in – Even though it meant more mucking out, when I owned my own horses I used to love when they were clipped & came in for winter. Stanley my thoroughbred used to come in on 1st September before the other horses as he was a bit delicate. There’s something about putting down their beds and making their stables all cosy for them!

5) Clipping – I love getting my horses clipped. They always look so smart. I just love the feel of a newly clipped pony!

6) Halloween – as you get to know me you’ll know I love any excuse for a party and Halloween is no exception! I love getting dressed up, the trick or treating, the pumpkins and of course the punch!

What are your favourite things about autumn?

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My Horse Mya’s Must Haves for Autumn.

I must admit I have it very easy. I share Mya with her owner Katie who is the best person to share anything with as she is so nice & so laid back. Mya lives out in a wonderfully big paddock with Katie’s other horse Jazz who is retired. The yard where Mya is kept is fantastic as they feed & top up her water each day. She is bare foot so no losing shoes etc so we definitely have a good thing going on!

Despite living the French dream. My list of autumn essentials that Mya cannot do without are…

1) Bot egg knife. I seem to be using this a lot at the moment! I might be imagining it but there seems to a lot of bot eggs around at the moment & I don’t know about you but I have my bot egg removal technique down now!

2) Fly repellent. You see a theme here! So Mya’s main problem in life are flies. We get horrible mosquitos, hornets, crab flies & horse flies in France to name a few. Bearing in mind Mya is also British she has adapted to the heat & everything else here in France well apart from the flies. In the summer she had to wear a fly mask, hood & rug as she gets so upset when she is bitten by any flies that she goes crazy, it’s like she is possessed by an evil spirit or something dangerously rearing, pulling & running away doing anything she can to get away. So Katie also has industrial strength fly repellent that smells like tar & Mya still always wears a fly mask.

3) A thoroughly good groom. Mya is malting at the moment so every time I ride I give her a good brush before & after I have ridden. This gets out all that pesky malting hair. It still pretty warm here so none of the horses are clipped yet, our winter doesn’t really kick in until November.

4) Carrots. It’s fair to say Mya loves her food! So I make sure I take her carrots, basically because I spoil her rotten & buy her love with carrots!

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Bonne weekend! 🦄


My Horsey Must Haves For Autumn

Ok so it’s October – winter is coming! Here are my autumn must have items, now as I am writing this it is currently 26 degrees here in France, so I’m having to use my imagination a bit!

1) Long socks. I don’t know about you but I’m a cold person! I always feel cold. I love wearing a normal pair of socks then a long pair of socks over the top of them that go right up to my knees. That way I never want to take them off as I am so warm! The jazzier the pattern the better!

2) My new Black Heart hoody. I have recently discovered Black Heart & I just love all of their riding gear. I bought a pair of their riding leggings & a hoody & absolutely love them. The hoody is so comfy & warm. Perfect for autumn riding as it zip fronted so you can undo it if you get too hot when you are riding.

Excuse the bags under my eyes. I got up at 5.30am this morning to drive my hubby to work. 😴

3) Moisturiser. I hate having dry skin but I always get it when the season changes between summer & autumn. I must have face moisturiser, currently I’m using one from Sephora. Hand cream , a favourite of mine is Hand Food from Soap & Glory and lip balm, I particularly like Bert’s Bees.

4) Le Chameau wellies. These wellies are the best! I love them! They are so warm and really comfy. They are pricey but I personally think they are totally worth it. Perfect for around the yard and dog walking.

5) Red wine. I personally don’t like drinking red wine in the summer, I’m more of a rose girl then but when the weather gets cooler it is lovely to enjoy a nice glass of red. Cheers to that eh?!

So I hope everyone enjoys their autumn! Don’t you just love the crunchy leaves & Halloween?! Tomorrow I will blog about Mya’s autumn must haves.

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Tip Tuesday. Have a Little Confidence!

Ok so my tip today is not specific to horses but a general tip you can use in everyday life. It is don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s easy to compare yourself to other people but you know what we all have different strengths, weaknesses & goals. We live in the age of social media, so you can portray anything you want on your social media accounts. I’ve looked at other equestrian blogs & thought perhaps there is no point in starting mine. I’m not competing at a mega level. Actually I’m not competing at all at the moment so will people find me interesting? I’ve just started riding again after a gap of several years, so am I as good as the other girls? I feel like I don’t look as pretty as the other girls in my old riding clothes that are practical & functional. But you know what I did it anyway! I bought some new riding clothes & got out there! I was so pleased that some of my friends took the time to message me to say how much they liked my blog and more importantly I love my blog and enjoy writing it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Hey There Sport!

The same goes for all sports, the fitter you are the easier and better you can become at it right? This is also the case for riding. So here are some examples of sports you could try to improve your strength and fitness for riding.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like exercising but I promise it will be worth the effort in the end! This is me on a ‘short’ hike!


Now research shows yoga can be good for everyone. It can be particularly good for riders as it addresses the person as a whole. It helps balance the mind, body and emotions. It could be used to de-stress you before you ride so you are calmer and more relaxed before you even arrive at the stables! This maybe particularly good for nervy riders as yoga may give you a bit of mental clarity or just generally relax you before you ride. Yoga may also aid your riding position too, as practicing yoga will make you more aware of how your body moves, it helps you with your core strength and also is helpful for strengthening the muscles for elongating the spine.

There are many types of yoga – bikram, hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga and hot yoga to name a few. Don’t let this put you off try a few different studios, styles and teachers and choose the one that suits you. I can tell you I took a yoga class for about a year before I moved to France. I’d dabbled before and gone to classes that I didn’t enjoy and had started to think perhaps yoga isn’t for me, but then I tried the yoga class at my gym and I loved it! The teacher was very spiritual (I am not a spiritual person) , however she was so inspiring and comforting. I had just started working as a newly qualified nurse and I was having a stressful time of it. I looked forward to my weekly yoga class as it chilled me right out! I would recommend it for sure as sometimes the world does get a bit much and sometimes you just need to do a few sun salutations and lay in a dark room with incense burning and hear some relaxing words from your yoga teacher. Namaste-neigh!


Now I am a big Pilates fan! Anyone that knows me knows I recommend it and am always talking people into starting Pilates. Pilates improves your strength, flexibility and balance. To be a good rider you need good posture as you need to stay balanced on an unpredictable moving horse. To have good posture you need strong back muscles and strong abdominal muscles. Pilates is great a strengthening your core and it is also very good for your arm and leg muscles and all of your muscles actually!



Ok everybody knows that cardiovascular exercise is good for you and for riding in particular it is good for stamina and it strengthens your legs muscles and can help you concentrate on your breathing which will help you when you are riding too. I personally enjoy a run, I’ve found that it is excellent for weight loss or maintaining your weight. It improves your general fitness which then will help in other sports that you participate in. It is also excellent for your mental health, giving you a chance to clear your head and have half an hour to yourself. Sometimes I really don’t feel like running but nothing beats the feeling of when you are finished and you get a real endorphine release making you feel happy and relaxed and less guilty about eating that chocolate bar! So go grab your trainers!


Boxing is a high intensity full body workout. It is ideal for riders as when you are learning to punch you will also develop your leg muscles, core muscles and balance. For riders it is also good for your reaction training. Horses are unpredictable much like a boxing opponent, so it teaches you to be aware of your surroundings so you are able to avoid and block punches as well as returning them when they least expect it! There are many boxercise classes in gyms now and many gyms have boxing rings so give it a go- I know I’d like to! Go on! Pretend that punch bag is your boss!


I know you are thinking this is an article about getting fit to ride, but you know what it’s like any sport the more you do it the better you get at it! If you ride regularly your body will get used to the muscles you use and it also is excellent for your confidence, as the more horses you ride and more experience you gain the more confident rider you become! As they say practice makes perfect or in our case less saddle sore!


Last but not least is swimming. My hubby used to swim competitively so has got me into swimming to a whole new level. I even went to a swimming fitness class which was very serious lane swimming with a scary swimming club coach shouting at us for an hour. I honestly didn’t realise you could sweat whilst swimming until then! I never made it higher than the slowest lane of swimmers but it made me appreciate how good swimming is for you. Swimming is excellent for your posture as you cannot swim well without good posture much like riding. It is also good for loosening muscles that you can’t quite get to with stretching. It is also excellent for your breathing control and is good for relaxation too (if you don’t go to the shouty lane swimming session).

So I hope I have inspired you to get out there and give some of these sports a go!

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Hat hair don’t care!

It is fair to say that looking after a horse may not be 24/7 glamour. But here are some ideas to look amazing every time you ride!

These styles look amazing and are practical as you can still fit your hat on. When I used to go showjumping I would just scrape my pony tail into a hair net and look at some of the older girls and think wow! How do they look so cool? It just didn’t occur to me that my hair could look nice and still be in a practical style. So here is the inspiration I never had! Check out these hair styles to look très chic whilst you ride!

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I am definitely no expert in hairstyling, I personally have short hair which isn’t actually long enough to style at all! Whenever my hair is styled I totally rely on other people to do it for me.

So, with that in mind I will divert your attention to a blog I found that has a great article about tips of how to do your hair when you ride.

There are also lots of ideas on Pinterest and ‘how to tutorials’ on You Tube.