Lockdown: No Horses No Problem! Grow Your Blog Now!

Fellow bloggers this one is for you! This is a very strange and scary time, however as most of us are now confined to our homes what better time to work on your blog?

I wanted to tell you how I get nearly all my blog traffic and that is by using Tailwind! Now if you don’t know already I am actually a Tailwind affiliate, which means this post contains affiliate links so if you do decide to try it and click on the link below at no extra cost to you I will receive a little bit of commission and to be really honest I was also compensated to write this post, although I assure you all opinions are my own. I would never post anything on my blog that I didn’t truly believe in.

The reason I am a Tailwind affiliate is because I am a user and customer of theirs and have found Tailwind to be an excellent way of getting people to read my blog.

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest (and instagram but we are focussing on Pinterest for today). If you are not using Pinterest to generate blog traffic you are really missing out. I use Tailwind to easily schedule my posts to Pinterest in bulk, then just let Tailwind post at the set times that I have scheduled which means I don’t have to be on my computer all day everyday pinning on Pinterest, because if you are like me I spend A LOT of time online already.

How to get the most from Pinterest

Fresh content works on Pinterest! In order to get the most from Pinterest you need to create new fresh content, which means creating fresh new pins regularly. Tailwind is particularly helpful with this as you can make new pins each week and batch schedule those pins to Pinterest using Tailwind.  To really get people’s attention you can create pins that are eye catching and this can include new images from your blog posts and new product listings but also new images for existing posts, products and pages. However the key is it has to be FRESH! It is a known thing that the Pinterest algorithm now prefers new content, so hop on board the Pinterest train and ride it to success using Tailwind!

Remember that means even if you are not creating new blog posts constantly, you still need to be creating new pins constantly to fully benefit from using Pinterest. Just schedule those new pins each week quickly with Tailwind.

It’s simple to get started. All you need to do to set up a Pinterest page and try Tailwind for FREE by clicking here. **This is my affiliate link**

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Typical results

I will share with you that I went from very few views when I started In Due Horse. My blog is an equestrian blog, so it is very niche but that niche has a big online presence. I just couldn’t seem to get anyone to read my blog. Then I started using Pinterest and Tailwind and I quickly started to see great results. I went from 694 views a month in February 2019 to 4792 views in August 2019! I think you can agree although still not enormous numbers there was a massive difference! Although I cannot guarantee this if you do choose to start using Tailwind I did want to share with you my experience of using it.

My blog’s visitors from Feb – Aug 2019. Showing the total views in August.


Typical Results for Tailwind for Pinterest members can be found here:


How Much is it? 

Ok so I know I have spend all this time telling how amazing Tailwind but not mentioned how much it is! It is $119 a year for each social account. Now, I personally think this is worth every penny. I pay this myself and feel that the amount I pay is worth how many people now read my blog. I honestly believe every blogger could benefit from using Tailwind for Pinterest.

There are other more versatile packages of Tailwind available but I will talk about those features in later blogs.

To try Tailwind for FREE just click here **This is my affiliate link**

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Take Your Equestrian Blogging To The Next Level!


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Take Your Equestrian Blogging To The Next Level!

I started my blog In Due Horse a year ago. Now I don’t claim to be an expert at blogging by any means, but I have taken a lot of time to learn how to improve my blog and how to get my blog out there.

I learnt quickly by reading other equestrian bloggers advice that I needed to utilise apps and websites that I have never thought of using like Pinterest and apps I had never heard of like Canva and Tailwind. Now this is the best thing I have ever done for my blog! Each month the views on my blog are going up and now I know what I am doing it isn’t very hard at all! So, here are my tips for you to up your blogging game!

Create interesting informative content.

Find your voice and find out what your audience likes. Some things I have written that I think are going to be really popular aren’t. Then much simpler things that I have written that I don’t think will do well gets loads of views. It’s very much trial and error and of course it’s up to you what you write about. Depending on if you want to write truly for yourself, to get more views or even to make money on your blog.


If you aren’t using Pinterest you are missing out. It’s that simple. Pinterest is the only reason I get people visiting my blog! It is so easy to use. You just need to create some boards with content related to your blog. Pick nice images and things you think people would reshape on their own pages and add them to your boards.

For example my top viewed boards are called ‘Equestrian Photography’ where I share beautiful photos of horses and ‘Equestrian Wanderlust’ where I share beautiful pictures of people riding horses in beautiful locations. These 2 boards don’t have anything that directly links to my blog. However I do have my own ‘In Due Horse Equestrian Blog’ board where I create pins for each of my blog posts and I also have an ‘In Due Horse on Instagram’ board where I share nice pictures from my blog’s instagram account.


So as a rule now I create several pins for Pinterest each time I publish a post on my blog using canva. Canva is a graphic design tool app that uses templates for you to create facebook stories, blog images and Pinterest pins to name a few things it can do. It allows you to create designs using images that you can then easily add text to. I use it to create pins to drive traffic to my website and it works very well indeed.

Here are is example below.


Once I started using Pinterest and saw how much traffic I was getting by manually pinning. I took up the Tailwind 30 day free trial. Well, my traffic soared! Tailwind is a scheduler that can pin to Pinterest and instagram. You just need to add your images to your tailwind queue and it pins away for you. It’s really easy and its so much quicker than pinning manually. It’s really upped my Pinterest game for sure! I loved it so much I subscribed to Tailwind straight after my free trial and haven’t looked back. To me it is THE most important tool I use to get traffic to my blog. It knows when it is the best time to schedule my pins and how many pins I should schedule a day. I have seen amazing results with it. I am getting thousands of views each month to my blog now and hundreds of views each day and it saves me so much time not having to manually pin each day.  What I love about it is that I am about to go on holiday for 3 weeks. I have scheduled all my pins for that entire time with Tailwind so I won’t have to worry about my traffic decreasing while I am away.

If you would like to try tailwind just click here to sign up for a 30 day free trial. Grab your free TAILWIND trial here  –>

** Putting it out there. The links in this post are affiliate links. If you click through and choose to sign up to Tailwind I will receive a bit of commission at no extra cost to you. ****

So those are my top tips for taking your blog to the next level. Please do let me know if you use any of these tips. Obviously I cannot guarantee any results, but I wanted to offer some advice from my own experience of the blogging world.

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