6 Rock Stars Who Can Ride Horses

I thought it was about time we had another celebrity list here on In Due Horse as my previous celeb lists have been so popular! Ever wondered which of your favourite singers love to ride horses? Well, these rock stars love riding!


Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish horse riding
Photo credit: Islington Country Club & Hotel Facebook page

Turns out Billie Eilish is a horse girl! It’s been well publicised online that Billie regularly spends her spare time on tour horse riding. Stopping in the U.K. and New Zealand to have a ride in between shows on recent tours! Eilish took riding lessons from a young age at a ranch near her childhood home in California and has always loved horses.

Elvis Presley.

Elvis horse riding
Photo credit: photobucket.com

Elvis kept many horses at Graceland. He kept a few horses and a donkey there to start with but things got more serious when he first bought a horse for his soon to be wife Priscilla and another for her friend so they could ride together. After that he bought his favourite horse a palomino called ‘Rising Sun’. He actually renamed the barn at Graceland ‘House of the Rising Sun’ in his honour! There are books are about Elvis’ horses and his equestrian life as he ended up owning many horses and one of his favourite past times was riding around the grounds of Graceland.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea horse riding
Photo credit: Fame Flynet Pictures

Iggy Azalea started riding after her music career launched as she needed a new hobby. Music had always been her hobby but it had become her job and she needed a new escape. She claims horse riding saved her life and she treats it like therapy. She now owns two horses called Defender and Strictly Business. It is rumoured that Iggy started riding after a fan suggested it maybe therapeutic for her. She liked it so much she introduced her friend and fellow singer Kesha to riding too.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus riding a horse
Photo credit: Trunk Archive

Miley Cyrus grow up riding horses on her father Billy Ray Cyrus’ ranch in Nashville. Miley has two horses and two miniature ponies. Her sisters Brandy and Noah are still competing on their horses on the hunter jumper circuit.


Rihanna Horse riding
Photo credit: Splash News

RiRi was caught on camera confidently riding bareback whilst filming an advert for Barbados Tourism in 2013.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse riding a horse

Photo credit: Blake Wood

It’s been said that riding horses gave Amy Winehouse a sense of freedom. She liked to ride along the beaches whilst holidaying in St Lucia. During a long stay there in 2009 Amy was photographed frequently riding there.

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