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10 Amazing Halloween Costumes For Your Dog on Amazon

Ok I know this isn’t strictly horsey related. But until very recently I was a dog owner and I know I loved my dog as much as I love my horse so I am thinking you guys won’t mind the odd dog related post.

Halloween is only a few weeks away. I don’t know about you but I love Halloween! It’s fun and a good excuse to get dressed up and party. With these excellent outfit ideas your dog can join in on the fun too! Excellent dog selfie opportunities a plenty!

***Just so you know I am an Amazon affiliate so you do decide to click through of the links on this blog at no extra cost to you I will receive a tiny bit of commission ***

1. An Ewok. Even if you don’t like Star Wars everyone thinks Ewoks are cute!

2. A Minion. Now minions are cute and your dog will look even cuter in this outfit!

3. Wonder Woman. You could even get a matching outfit and twin with your dog!

4. A hot dog! Classic joke dog costume!

5. Lion Mane. Any dog would want to have a wonderful lion’s mane! How regal!

6. Harry Potter. This is just too cute!

7. Cowboy rider. This is just so funny! A little cowboy who rides your dog!

8. Raptor Costume! Your dog can be a scary velociraptor!

9. The Pope! Of course you can even dress your dog up as The Pope!

10. Superman!


Which one do you like best?! Let me know in the comments.