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The In Due Horse Online Equestrian Book Club

Did you know that In Due Horse has launched an online equestrian book club? Well we have and you should definitely get involved! It’s free to join, all you need to do is head over to our facebook page  and there is a link to join the group.

How it works: Each month I will recommend an equestrian book to the group and provide a link of where you can buy it. It is online so everyone can participate. What we will do is use the Facebook group as a way of sharing our thoughts about the book, a space we can share with other like minded horsey people.

The first book and the pick for August, I am delighted to present is ‘Confessions of a Timid Rider’ by Heather Wallace. Now I have become friends with Heather online as she is just a wonderfully supportive and friendly person and she is actually my co-host on our new podcast starting in September called The Equestrian Pulse Podcast. So I am so happy to be able to support her by having her book as the first in our book club.


The book is easy to read, it is funny and relatable to anyone that has ever struggled with confidence in the saddle. It is a memoir written by Heather about things that have happened to her personally. I read it on a recent holiday and throughly enjoyed it.

Timid Rider

Timid Rider an excellent holiday read!

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Click on the links below to check out Heather’s other books on


*** Putting it out there – This article contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase something, at no extra cost to you I will receive a tiny bit of commission ****

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