Hat hair don’t care!

It is fair to say that looking after a horse may not be 24/7 glamour. But here are some ideas to look amazing every time you ride!

These styles look amazing and are practical as you can still fit your hat on. When I used to go showjumping I would just scrape my pony tail into a hair net and look at some of the older girls and think wow! How do they look so cool? It just didn’t occur to me that my hair could look nice and still be in a practical style. So here is the inspiration I never had! Check out these hair styles to look très chic whilst you ride!

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I am definitely no expert in hairstyling, I personally have short hair which isn’t actually long enough to style at all! Whenever my hair is styled I totally rely on other people to do it for me.

So, with that in mind I will divert your attention to a blog I found that has a great article about tips of how to do your hair when you ride.

There are also lots of ideas on Pinterest and ‘how to tutorials’ on You Tube.

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